Aircraft Records/CAMO

EnvelopeAPM Inc. offers the following Aircraft Technical & Maintenance Records services:

Aircraft Technical And Maintenance Records Audit:
  Maintenance Requirement Audit
  Historical Information
  Assessments and Audits
  Comprehensive Reporting
      Landing Gear

Technical Retrievals M&E System Audit

  AD & SB Status
  LLP Status
  Maintenance Program Status
  Hard Time Status

Technical Checks (Hard Copy Docs):

  AD & SB (Dirty Fingerprint)
  Components (Form 8130-3) Mod. Reports
  Structure Damage Reports and Repair Docs
  Last C-Check Package
  Last Engine Shop Visit and Overhaul
  Last Landing Gear Overhaul
  Flight & Maintenance Log

CAMO - Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization

We assist approved CAMO`s to meet regulatory compliance and fleet reliability. EnvelopeAPM Inc. Can offer the following services to CAMO`s.

legal system and regulatory framework & benefits and advantages (Favorable tax jurisdiction) Advice.

* Selecting a CAMO provider

* Continuing Airworthiness Management Development - Airworthiness tasks

* Continuing Airworthiness Management Development - Aircraft continuing airworthiness record system

* Continuing Airworthiness Management Development- Continuing airworthiness

* Continuing Airworthiness Management Development- Importing Used Aircraft From EU or Elsewhere

* Continuing Airworthiness Management Development- contracts & Legalities - Management Exposition

* Quality Systems

* General Organizational requirements
- CAMO software Selection & Management
- Continuing Airworthiness Management of Aircraft In Storage
- Continuing Airworthiness Management - Audits
- CAMO Airworthiness regulations

* lessors * Lessees * MROs * Operators
- Airworthiness Reviews Process's review Procedures for compliance & Legalities

* Records Audit * Aircraft survey * Review certificate * Reporting requirements

*  Requirement & Procedures to establish a CAMO approval & Requirements and the Expositions for CAMO approval

*  Continuing airworthiness management - Aging aircraft

2nd Annual
Friday 3rd May 2013
Miami, FL, USA

In Association with

Following the success of this conference in London, UK in 2012, the 2nd Annual Summit will explore issues such as legal aspect pertaining to aircraft records, aircraft maintenance programs from the record prospective, aircraft records scanning, aircraft technical and maintenance records audits, maintenance and engineering discussions, maintenance and engineering software, surviving the aircraft records audit, the value of aircraft records, electronic aircraft records, scanned aircraft records of the future, pre-purchase inspection/mid lease /end of lease/redelivery records, aircraft repossession, aircraft records and lease agreements, aircraft records management prospective, CAMO, education for records personnel, and aircraft records within a large scale environment.
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Aircraft Repossession:

Aircraft Technical And Maintenance Records Recovery & Services

    Aircraft and Engine Records Recovery
    Manuals and Technical Logs Recovery
    Maintenance Status Reviews

We have reviewed customer records for 40+ companies in over 20 counties worldwide.

Global Aircraft Records Scanning Service
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Aircraft Technical and Maintenance Records Conference Speaker  Wes Parfitt Speaker @

2nd Annual Aircraft Repossession Preparing and Managing aircraft asset. Thursday 16th June 2011 Sheraton Miami Airport & Executive Meeting Center Miami FL USA.

Wes had a discussion on "Aircraft Records - The Foundation of Aircraft Value - Technical Records Retrieval during Repossession"

Discussion topic's included -
Why we Audit Aircraft Maintenance Records?
Attributes of the recording auditing inspector

Aircraft Fleet repossession aircraft records audit preparation
Surviving the aircraft records audit - The costs
The value of aircraft records
Where are the aircraft records
What aircraft maintenance records should be audited during the repossession.
A small list of aircraft documents to be reviewed
Electronic aircraft records
Is scanned aircraft records the future?

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